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Northside Center for Child Development, Inc.
Board of Directors

Michael Goldstein

Susan Patricof
Senior Vice President
Jennie Emil-Deutschman
Senior Vice President
Carolyn Wright Lewis
Senior Vice President
Joel D. Zychick, Esq. 
Vice President
W. Anthony Edson
Gilbert H. Boas
Richard J. Rubino

A. Marie Betancourt
Robert M. Burger
Heather M. Butts, Esq.
Irene A. Conlon

Phyllis Harrison-Ross, M.D.
Gregory A. Horowitz, Esq.
Harold J. Kingsberg
Margaret Loeb
Kevin Nickelberry
James F. Prusky

Ravi Sachdev
Steven G. Scheinfeld
Jonathan Schulhof
Roger A. Strauch

Kenneth B. Clark, Ph.D., Board Member, Emeritus
Mamie P. Clark, Ph.D., Board Member, Emeritus
  Council of Advisors  
Leandra H. Abbott
Shahara Ahmad-Llewellyn
Honorable Robert L. Carter *
Hilton B. Clark

James R. Dumpson, DSW *
Walter A. Eberstadt *
Lorna B. Goodman, Esq.
Wallace D. Gossett, Jr., Esq.

Kate C. Harris
Bruno A. Quinson
Flora Schnall, Esq.
Joanne M. Stern *
* in memoriam




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