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Letter from our Executive Director, Thelma Dye, Ph.D.

I welcome the opportunity to share with you information about our many important and wonderful programs, exciting events and significant celebrations ..all of which have made Northside a special place for so many children and families for over 60 years.

On any given day, we have as many as 500 children and families coming through our doors. Children and families come to Northside for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they come to talk to their social workers, or have a psychological evaluation, or practice language skills with their speech therapist. Sometimes they come to express their feelings and concerns through art, music or dance. They come to hone their karate skills or thrash out their understanding of difficult books with their Northside reading therapist, or with the help of our Librarian, choose new books. They come for assistance with their homework, while their debate with our psychiatrist the merits and limitations of medication. They come to develop and enhance motor skills, and they come to learn how to socialize with their peers. They come to our school to achieve those things that cannot always be achieved in other educational settings, and they come to discover, to learn to communicate and to grow.

Whether children and families come to Northside because they are deeply troubled and look to us for solace, compassion, direction and understanding, or they come because they are excited and happy and look forward to the next enjoyable learning adventure, we welcome them. We work toward empowering and helping them learn and grow in an environment that reinforces their strengths, their cultures, their self-worth and their dignity. What we do at Northside is important, challenging and immensely rewarding.

Northside has been a strong and empowering influence in the communities of East and Central Harlem. We thank you for visiting our Web Site and invite you to visit us at Northside to learn more about our very special and wonderful programs.




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