Good friends, food, laughter and all that jazz!  The 2015 Harlem Jazz Night was great fun and raised essential funds for Northside’s Jane Allen Emil Children's Library. Our Children’s Library offers a varied collection of books, films, audio materials, and a range of early literacy programs. It is home to the Northside Chess Program which gives children the opportunity to learn and play chess recreationally and competitively. The Library hosts many cultural enrichment activities that feature storytellers, poets, authors and artists. The library programs provide a bridge to Northside children as they grapple with learning obstacles that can seem insurmountable or with stressful life circumstances that can seem inescapable. Through the Library, our children come to see books as a safe harbor, links to worlds beyond their neighborhoods and sources of knowledge to activate their imagination. As parents have told us time and time again, the Children's Library is truly the heart of Northside. We are so very grateful to the Northside Library Committee and all Harlem Jazz Night guests for helping to enrich the lives of our children and families.  



Current and Past Events:

Mental Health News publishes article about the success of Northside’s arts therapy program.

Department of Health & Human Services, Ad Council and Sesame Workshop Public Service Announcement was unveiled on 10/15/2010 by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius at the Northside Center for Child Development in New York City

Northside's Dr. Dye and Sonia Gonzalez-Cruz interviewed on NY1 

Recent Organizational Accomplishments


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