Our Mission

Our Mission:

Northside Center fosters the healthy development of children and families and seeks to empower them to respond constructively to negative societal factors including racism and its related consequences. Through comprehensive, high quality mental health and educational services, coupled with research, children and families are aided in developing to their full potential.

Our Goal:

The helping efforts of Northside Center are geared to the many needs of the families that come to us. While addressing the emotional, developmental and educational needs of the children and families we serve, Northside strives to develop and enhance the self-esteem and self-respect of all children and families.

Northside believes that:

By strengthening the family unit; giving individual attention to the needs of each member and the family as a whole, and by helping families understand and address the impact of societal forces on their lives, children and families can develop to their fullest potential and achieve a sense of mastery and power over their lives. Northside, fulfills a function that is broader than clinical and educational; it encompasses community education, action and advocacy.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be a change agent in the development of treatment modalities, educational approaches and public policy affecting children and families.

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