colorfulBehavioral Health Clinics

Our Clinics provide therapeutic interventions
for children of all ages and their families and
some adults. Using an array of treatment and
support modalities children and families are
aided in developing their strengths to facilitate
and enhance growth and development.




  • 110th Street Clinic
At our 110th street clinic there is an abundance of both educational and treatment services. Some of which include: diagnostic evaluations; individual, group, and family therapy; crisis intervention; tutoring and homework help; afterschool recreational and cultural activities; and parent education groups.
  • Central Harlem Services (CHS)
Central Harlem Services of Northside Center for Child Development, a strength-based perspective is at the core of the development and implementation of comprehensive mental health services.

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Therapeutic Early Childhood Center (TECC)

The Therapeutic Early Childhood Center provides early intervention services to children as young as 9 months old. Children with special needs receive services from a full spectrum of professionals, including special education teachers, social workers, psychologists and speech/occupational/and physical therapists. Rounding out this comprehensive team is a full-time nurse, a consulting psychiatrist and both music and art therapists. The Therapeutic Early Childhood Center provides specialized educational and clinical intervention that emphasizes the individual growth of both the child and care-giver.

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Head Start - The Susan Patricof Early Head Start and Head Start Programs

The Early Head Start and Head Start programs at the Northside Center are designed to provide individualized comprehensive infant/child development and parent education services to 206 low-income infants, toddlers, preschoolers, pregnant women and their families in the East Harlem, and Central Harlem Communities.

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After School Program

The Afterchool program provides Northside children with an additional place to learn and grow as well as ensuring a safe, fun place to be afterschool. All children are provided with Homework assistance and have access to computers , recreation and many other activities that stimulate body and mind.

Library - The Heart of Northside

Founded 30 years ago, the Children’s Library was named after the late Jane Allen Emil, who brought warmth and devotion to hundreds of children during her long tenure as a reading therapist at Northside.
Because she continued to embody the vision of the Founders throughout her later service on the Board of Directors and until her passing, the Library itself stands as a living memorial to her legacy. It has over 4,000 books and offers children a wonderful resource for study, thinking reading and learning. It is often referred to as the “Heart of Northside.”




Behavioral / Mental Health Clinics

Therapeutic Early Childhood Center

Early Head Start and Head Start Programs



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