Northside’s Therapeutic Early Childhood Center (TECC) serves families with children ages zero to eight at their homes, at our main site on 110th Street, at our Susan Patricof Head Start Center on East 111th Street, at our Head Start Children and Family Services Center in Brooklyn and our Early Head Start Center in the Bronx and at partner organizations within the community. Northside offers early care and education initiatives to promote nurturing environments where typically developing and special needs children grow in their cognitive, social, literacy and physical development.

Early Intervention Programinvolves a close collaborative effort between parents, service coordinators, evaluators, and the New York City Early Intervention Program to develop Individualized Family Service Plans outlining the combination of social work; speech, occupational, and physical therapies; special instruction; and group services that will be provided over the course of the year. Northside has multi-lingual/multi-cultural Early Intervention service coordinators, which allows us to help more children and families in a geographic area where many residents are non-English speaking or for whom English is not their primary language. Services are provided in the home and in the center. Eligibility can only be determined by State approved evaluators under contract with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. 

Northside Day Schoolprovides Preschool and School Age Special Education Programs, which operate in small classroom environments and serve children who have been diagnosed with emotional difficulties, behavioral problems, developmental delays, language disorders, learning disabilities, and/or mild neurological impairment.  We also now serve children on the autism spectrum with Applied Behavioral Analysis techniques. The programs run 8:30 am - 2:00 pm weekdays.

Head Start and Early Head Start 646-351-1300offer early education to children from birth to five and parenting services to their families. Northside operates the Susan Patricof Head Start Center and Early Head Start Center.  We also have a Fort Greene, Brooklyn Early Head Start and Head Start Center as well as a Bronx Early Head Start Center. The program serves children from low-income families and school hours are from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday. For a listing of phone numbers and directions to our centers, please click on our Contact page.

Early Head Start/Head Start children receive dental, vision, and hearing screenings upon entry and have access to speech, physical, and occupation therapies as needed.  Services for parents include educational workshops, crisis intervention, and access to our technology center and children’s library, all of which help the parents support their children’s education and aid family development.  We also have an integrated classroom in our Head Start Program that provides typically developing children and children with special needs the opportunity to learn in an inclusive classroom environment; it serves nine typically developing children and eight with special needs.

Other initiatives include:

​​Cool Culture selected Northside’s Head Start as one of six partners in its Literacy Through Culture Program, an intensive partnership between early childhood programs and cultural institutions throughout New York City.  The program engages parents in supporting their children’s learning through classroom and museum-based programs.  

Through a partnership with American Ballet Theatre, Northside offers formal ballet classes and movement classes to our four year olds with the American Ballet Theatre’s certified dance instructors. The program exposes our pre-k children to this art form as an opportunity to learn dance and this form of self-expression. Our children performed at the Metropolitan Opera House in June as part of ABT’s Young People’s Workshop to an audience of more than 4,000 New York City children.​ 

Tech for Tots introduces our children to technology and the use of IPADS. In addition to improving our children's hand/eye coordination, this instruction offers our children educational support in both math and reading readiness.

Shahara's Kids Closet is an outreach center located in our Fort Greene Head Start.  The purpose of this closet is to provide essential clothing, shoes and other child related necessities to our neediest families.

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In spite of the odds, there is a common thread of triumph in all our stories. Overcoming adversity, successful self-esteeming building, making strides in educational achievement and emotional growth— these are the simplest, and truest, ways to describe the Northside experience.

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Child Development Programs for Kids in New York, NY

Early Learn NYC

This NYC program marries funding from child care, Head Start and state universal pre- kindergarten to offer better access and opportunity for low income children and their families.  Northside Center is part of the Early Learn NYC family of providers of care. Beginning September 8,

our Early learn hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.


In spite of the odds, there is a common thread of triumph in all our stories. Overcoming adversity, successful self-esteem building, making strides in educational achievement and emotional growth — these are the simplest, and truest, ways to describe the Northside experience.
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