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In spite of the odds, there is a common thread of triumph in all our stories. Overcoming adversity, successful self-esteeming building, making strides in educational achievement and emotional growth — these are the simplest, and truest, ways to describe the Northside experience.
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AFTERSCHOOL, Remedial Tutoring and CULTURE and Arts Programs  

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Northside's enrichment programs complement our clinical and therapeutic services; building on the strengths of children while remaining sensitive to their academic challenges.

One on One Remedial Tutoring fosters reading and writing skills of students with learning issues who are significantly delayed in literacy and math. The program is for children in Kindergarten through 12 th grade. It operates for 32 weeks during the school year. Tutors meet with students after school 3:30 - 7:00 pm, on Saturdays, as well as during the school day at our TECC,  Thurgood Marshall Academy (TMA) in Central Harlem, KIPP Infinity, and Central Park East 2 (CPE2) For students who are below grade level, Northside tutors work intensively with them to improve their writing skills through creative, functional and remedial activities – individually and in groups. Our tutoring program is comprised of all tutors with Masters degrees or higher.

Recreational and Therapeutic After School Program is for children with special needs and typically developing children, ages five to twelve running daily during the school year from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. The children enjoy a host of creative, athletic and recreational activities designed to ensure the development of motor skills, appropriate socialization, sports skills and fun. Homework Help ensures that 

students in the after school program complete their class work and learn time management and organization. Homework Help is offered

Monday through Friday from 3:00 pm -6:00 pm and for several full days during school holidays 8:00 am-6:00 pm.

Summer Day Camp extends Northside’s educational, therapeutic, and enrichment activities into the summer months for children with emotional and behavioral issues.  The program is full days during the summer.During the first month of the summer program, Northside offers a morning reading laboratory, where Bank Street interns tutor students.  While mornings focus on educational programming, afternoons are filled with recreation and offer field trips to destinations such as The New York Hall of Science, Sony Wonder Labs, The Bronx Zoo and The American Museum of Natural History.

Culture and Arts is offered in collaboration with various Museums and with a visual artist from the Harlem School of the Arts. The program is designed to provide elementary students with the opportunity to experience art and culture. Cultural Enrichment activities feature storytellers, poets and artists.

Musicis an enrichment activity we offer in collaboration with Jazz at Lincoln Center, Harlem Opera, Harlem School of the Arts and NYU school of music. Our children learn about instruments, music and how to compose.  Our drummers have performed at our annual Gala to standing ovations.

Karate Kids afterschool program teaches the full karate curriculum and develops skilled martial artists, leaders, and well-rounded human beings.

 Technology Center offers a range of computer activities for all of Northside’s children. Our Tech for Tweens program in partnership with the New York Code and Design Academy offers our after school children the opportunity to learn to code through animation. Northside’s Head Start 4 year olds and TECC students are also enjoying a Tech for Tots program which introduces them to using an IPAD.

​​The Jane Allen Emil Children’s Library offers a collection of children’s books, audio materials and a range of early literacy programs. Northside is one of a few child development centers to have an on- site children’s library, and all our youth and families are welcome to visit.  Our children come to the library whether they are in need of a quiet respite in between therapy appointments or a quick stop after tutoring to flip through their favorite books. Parents also access the library either to enjoy story time with their children or to read or use the computers for their own educational pursuits and interests.   Our library is open 5 days a week, from 10:00am to 6:00pm. As parents have told us, the library is the heart of Northside.

The Chess Program,
which offers children the opportunity to learn and play chess recreationally and competitively.  Built on the evidence that chess fosters a child’s critical thinking, analytical reasoning, ability to strategize and self-confidence, our program provides weekly lessons with a chess teacher and the chance to compete in tournaments. We also have a life size chess set which the children enjoy playing with during the summer months as they improve their chess skills.

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