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In spite of the odds, there is a common thread of triumph in all our stories. Overcoming adversity, successful self-esteem building, making strides in educational achievement and emotional growth — these are the simplest, and truest, ways to describe the Northside experience.
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For 70 years, we’ve set children up for success by developing their resilience, confidence, and self-worth.

We are deeply committed to improving the odds that children living in poverty will lead healthy and fulfilling lives, limited only by the scope and scale of their dreams.

Northside Center provides children and families the support they need to overcome adversity and thrive. Our high quality outcome-driven behavioral, mental health and education services propel struggling children forward... away from the ill-effects of poverty and racism; toward a future limited only by the scope of their dreams.

Northside Center's Mission

Our Vision is Realistic
About Us

Northside was founded by pioneering psychologists Drs. Kenneth B. and Mamie Clark. Their work—which showed how racial inequality negatively affected the self-esteem of young children—helped change the course of American history.

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The Clarks’ groundbreaking research, including the black-white doll studies, were critical to the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court decision, which legally ended the segregation of public schools. Their findings were the first-ever social science research to be submitted as hard evidence in the Court’s history.

Our founders believed in tapping into the inherent strengths of children and families to help them overcome obstacles. This philosophy continues to be the bedrock of our work today. Our goal is to instill, and in many  cases, rebuild self-esteem in the children that we serve.