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Congratulations to our Hilde L. Mosse ​Executive Director & CEO Dr. Thelma Dye fo​r receiving the Joan Tisch Community Health Prize for our Clinics in Schools Program on Oct. 5, 2016.

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Where children rise up

and thrive

Kids in an early childhood development program in New York, NY

Early Childhood Development in New York, NY

Northside Center is a nonprofit that provides expert behavioral, mental health, education and enrichment programs to children and

families living in poverty. Each year, we help over 3,600 New York City children rise up and thrive.

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Our mission is simple.
We help New York City’s children rise up and thrive through education, enrichment and mental health services.​​

In spite of the odds, there is a common thread of triumph in all our stories. Overcoming adversity, successful self-esteem building, making strides in educational achievement and emotional growth — these are the simplest, and truest, ways to describe the Northside experience.
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