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Northside was founded by pioneering psychologists Drs. Kenneth B. and Mamie Clark. Their work—which showed how racial inequality negatively affected the self-esteem of young children—helped change the course of American history.

Drs. Kenneth & Mamie Phipps Clark

The Clarks’ groundbreaking research The Black/White Dolls Test, was the first-ever social science research to be submitted as hard evidence in the Supreme Court’s history and was critical to the ruling in the landmark “Brown v. Board of Education” (1954) decision, which legally ended segregation in public schools.

Our Founders believed in tapping into the inherent strengths of children and families to help them overcome obstacles and thrive. This philosophy continues to be the bedrock of our work today. Our goal is to foster and cultivate self-esteem in the children we serve.

Our Mission

Northside Center provides children and families the support they need to overcome adversity and thrive. Our high quality outcome-driven behavioral, mental health and education services propel struggling children forward… away from the ill-effects of poverty and racism; toward a future limited only by the scope of their dreams.

Dr. Thelma Dye

The Hilde L. Mosse President & CEO
Northside Center for Child Development

Dr. Dye was appointed as Executive Director in 1994 following an impressive tenure at Northside, where she served as Director of the Clinic, Director of Research and Training and Chief Psychologist. Dr. Dye has more than 20 years of experience as a psychologist, clinician, researcher, supervisor and administrator. She has participated in numerous colloquia, workshops, panels and radio and television programs and served on various child advocacy committees including the Mayor’s Children’s Week Committee and the Commissioners’ Child and Adolescent Task Force Service Committee. Dr. Dye is currently on the Board of Directors for The Coalition of Behavioral Health Agencies; and Black Agency Executives. A former Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology and Education at Teachers’ College, Columbia University, Dr. Dye received a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Yeshiva University and a Bachelors’ from Cornell University. She is a member of the Academy of Women Achievers of the YWCA, the American Psychological Association, and the New York Society of Clinical Psychologists. 

About Dr. Dye’s Title

Hilde L. Mosse M.D. was a colleague of Drs. Kenneth and Mamie Phipps Clark. Northside Center continues to honor her memory and connection to The Clarks through her nephew and Northside Board member Roger Strauch. Our Executive Director’s full title now bears her name … The Hilde L. Mosse President & CEO. Roger further honors his aunt on his website.

Mike Goldstein, Board Chair

Our success is built on a strong and passionate Board of Directors, Council of Advisors, as well as dedicated staff, volunteers and so many other contributors like you. Together we provide quality programs and services so that our children and families may rise up and thrive.

Meet our Board of Directors

Meet our Directors

Paula Magnus
Deputy Director and Chief Revenue Officer

Sharon Fraser
Chief Financial Officer

Hazel Guzman, Ph.D. 
Chief Program Officer

Ashley Lahoud 
Director of Development & Public Relations

Carolina Laise- Chong
Educational Director / Assistant Director of Special Education Services

Deborah Carroll
Director/ Assistant Director of Early Head Start / Head Start

LaChara Hill, Ph.D.
Director of Human Resources

Jean Holland, Ph.D.  

Director of New & Special Programs


Senol Arabaci
IT Consultant Director

Oniel S. Morgan
Assistant Director of Operations & Facility


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