Congratulations Dr. Dye for being named 

one of New York City's African American Achievers in Health Care!

A Message from our Hilde L. Mosse Executive Director & CEO Dr. Thelma Dye

 We have learned of the senseless killings in Las Vegas with over 500 people hurt and 59 people killed. There aren’t enough words of support or offers of condolences that can ease the trauma and suffering that families across the United States are feeling as a result of this massacre. Nonetheless we as an agency stand ready to be of service.  Our experience/training in trauma is available to all directly or indirectly affected by this tragedy. Our children and families must know that they can lean on us for support and that we are ready to discuss this with them.

I also wanted to comment on the natural disasters that have impacted so many. I thank those of you who supported our drive to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. It seems as though we had barely sent those boxes out when two more hurricanes, Irma and Maria caused more devastation in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico and Florida along with an earthquake which ravaged Mexico. We wanted to offer our tangible support but quickly realized sending goods right now is not the most effective way to help because transportation is so encumbered especially in the hardest hit areas. We waited a bit to see if sending care packages would become more feasible but it is still not the most efficient way to offer our support. So I am suggesting that those of you who would like to make a monetary donation do so via Northside’s Development office and we will then give one unified donation to the Red Cross from Northside to help our friends and neighbors as expeditiously as we can.  There is absolutely no obligation but many of you have asked how to help. Our hearts go out to those who are suffering in the aftermath of  all of these disasters.

We pray for healing and strength in these difficult times. Thank you so very much.
With appreciation,
Thelma Dye

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Congratulations to our Hilde L. Mosse ​Executive Director & CEO Dr. Thelma Dye fo​r receiving the Joan Tisch Community Health Prize for our Clinics in Schools Program on Oct. 5, 2016.

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